Advent & Christmas at Cherry Hill

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS MUSICAL EVENT - Sunday, December 19 – 4:00 pm


            Based on the service begun at King’s College, Cambridge, in 1918, the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols tells the story of the promise of a Messiah, and the birth of Jesus through a series of Scripture readings, carols, hymns, choral anthems, and solos.

            The choirs of Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church and Littlefield Presbyterian Church, under the direction of Charles Miller, will present this inspirational service on Sunday afternoon, December 19, at 4:00 pm in the sanctuary. The service will include familiar carols and cherished Christmas music. Members of both congregations will serve as readers.

            Plan to attend and invite family and friends to join you.


 Lessons & Carols Service --- December 19 2021


Friday, December 24 – 5:00 and 11:00 pm

Cherry Hill Church will hold two Christmas Eve services at 5:00 and 11:00 pm. Each service will include special music, beloved carols, and the singing of “Silent Night” by candlelight. Please join us for worship on this holy night.



December 24 – 4:30 – 4:50 pm

            A new addition to our Christmas Eve schedule this year will be an outdoor carol sing on the front steps of the sanctuary.  Charles Miller will lead a 20 minute carol sing prior to the 5:00 service.  Don an extra sweater or scarf and come and join us! Please note: in the event of rain, the carol sing will not be held!



Monday afternoons – 3:00 pm

November 29 – December 20

This Advent, our Monday afternoon study group will explore the texts for Advent using the book, The Gift of New Hope, by Christopher L. Webber.  This book invites participants to explore their longing for God’s presence through a study of the lectionary Bible readings for Advent and Christmas. Each week’s scriptures call us to praise God as we actively await the coming of Christ and prepare our hearts and lives for his arrival. Through the readings, we hear the invitation to claim and celebrate the new hope we have in Jesus Christ. All are invited to join us in our study! 



            Many long time members of Cherry Hill Church will remember Kenneth  Isaacson. Ken was born in Russia and brought to the United States as an orphan. He was adopted by former Cherry Hill Members Jo Ann and Kevin Isaacson. Ken and Katya were baptized at Cherry Hill and attended Sunday School as children.  Today, at the age of 20, Ken is also known as the “Kid Santa” and is doing whatever he can to make sure kids in need have a merry Christmas.

In 2018, Ken wanted to make a difference for kids at a homeless shelter. “I spent Christmas morning with other people who are less fortunate as well, so I wouldn’t have to be alone and it just stuck with me," Ken said. “Among the families I’m helping are those who have lost jobs, loved ones, or businesses,” he said. Ken works as an EMT and uses money from that to raise funds for toys. “I donate an entire day of pay each week. I also donate plasma two times a week.”  If donating blood isn’t hard enough, he’s made financial cuts in his life to fund this mission. He is hoping other people will be inspired to help as well.

This year, we have the opportunity to help “The Kid Santa” spread holiday cheer by donating new toys which will then be delivered to children in need in our community. Kid Santa’s list includes:

Legos              Board games    Art Supplies   Barbie Dolls         Paw Patrol

Baby Dolls     Stuffed Animals        Baby Toys    Hot Wheels/Matchbox Toy Cars

Wrapping Paper and Large Boxes are needed as well.

A large box will be in Weir Foyer for you to place your donations. In coming weeks, look for opportunities to help with wrapping and packing the toys for delivery!




Our Board of Deacons has been working with Marcy Mohsen, Student Support Coordinator, at Bryant Middle School. At the end of summer, we collected a large number of school supplies which were given to the teachers at Bryant for students in need. As winter draws closer, Marcy informs us that there is a growing need for scarves, winter hats, gloves, etc. among a number of students. The Board of Deacons is sponsoring a “Warming Tree” in Weir Foyer. The tree will be in place on Sunday, November 21, and will stay up until the middle of December. Items needed include:  

Winter hats, scarves, and gloves for boys and girls, ages 5 through 13

Winter boots and coats for boys and girls, ages 5 through 11

You may place your donations directly on the tree. (Boots may be placed under the tree.)

Our participation in one or both of these Christmas projects will indeed help to make Christmas a bit brighter (and warmer) for children in our community! Thank you for sharing the spirit of Christmas in a very special way.

Christmas Poinsettia Orders & Donations

Christmas Poinsettias will be in the Chancel for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 19, and on Christmas Eve.  If you would like to give one in memory of a loved one, in honor of a friend or relative, or in celebration of Christmas, please complete this > order form and return it to the Church Office by the deadline of Monday, December 6th, 2021.  We will not be able to receive any orders after this date.

The form may be placed in the offering plate, hand delivered to the office, or mailed to the church.  Please attach your form to your check and make checks payable to Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church.

Thank you for sharing in the Christmas Season with us.

“Let’s Go the Extra Mile for Second Mile 2021!”

For many years, our Cherry Hill congregation has supported The Second Mile Center of Detroit.

In the coming month, please join Presbyterian Women in showing our continued support for this vital mission in Detroit.  Below is a list of much needed items.

Please bring the following “new” items on Sundays, October 17, 24, 31 and November 7.  Place them in the boxes labeled for “Second Mile” in the Weir Foyer.

Immediate needs:                                                                                                     Additional needs:

50- or 55-gallon trash bags                                                         Hand sanitizer in pump bottles

Disposable plastic food handler gloves                             Liquid hand soap in pump bottles

Individually packaged snacks, such as diced                                                      Dawn dish soap

peaches and sweetened applesauce                                               Styrofoam dinner size plates

Styrofoam 3-compartment take out containers                                                Styrofoam bowls

with hinged lids                                                                                                                Paper napkins

Paper towels                                                                                                                          Toilet paper

Disinfecting wipes                                                                                                                                       

Wish list:

Sports equipment - jump ropes, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs and used pool cue sticks

To add to their holiday food baskets:

$25.00 Kroger gift cards – please do not put these in the Weir Foyer boxes.

Personally give them to Sherry Brown, PW Moderator.


If you are unable to shop for the above items, but would like to contribute in some way, please

contact Sherry Brown. Thank you for your consideration in supporting this vitally important local mission.

“Let’s all go the extra mile for The Second Mile Center!”

> New Mission Opportunity <


World Medical Relief Efforts in Haiti

We have all seen and heard the reports of the extreme devastation caused in Haiti this summer from back to back disasters the country has experienced. World Medical Relief, in cooperation with Alafia Foundation of Hope International, Divine Child High School, and Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity of Wayne State University, is collecting a variety of supplies for the Caribbean nation, which was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and then pummeled two days later by Tropical Storm Grace. As a result of this two-fold tragedy, more than 2,000 Haitians have died, while thousands are homeless.

World Medical Relief is located in Southfield, Michigan and was started in 1953 by a Detroit housewife – Irene M. Auberlin.

There are copies of the fascinating history of this organization available on the table in Weir Foyer.

Please take a copy home with you!

Over the next several weeks, we will be collecting the following medical supplies which will be delivered to World Medical Relief and then shipped to Haiti. You may place your donations in the box located in Weir Foyer.

We will be collecting items through Sunday, October 10.


First Aid Supplies

•     Ace Bandages

•     Gauze 2x2

•     Adhesive Bandages of All Sizes

•     Adhesive First Aid Tape

•     Alcohol/Betadine Swabs (No bottles, please)

Personal Hygiene Supplies

•     Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant

•     Toothpaste, Toothbrushes

•     Natural Hair Combs

•     Face Towels (Must be new, please)

Baby Items

•     Baby Shampoo, Baby Powder, Baby Formula


•     Twin-size (Must also be new, please)

Blessing of the Animals 2021

Cherry Hill’s “Blessing of the Animals” service has become an annual fall tradition.


This special service commemorates the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi.

He was a great lover and protector of all of God’s creatures, great & small.


All two and four footed, furry and feathery, crated or leashed friends are welcome!

If you are unable to bring your pet, please bring a photograph.


A free-will offering will be received for the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

The shelter handles almost 3,000 animals a year!

This free will offering will be an additional way for us to share our care and concern for our special friends.

Click here for the flyer


Cherry Hill School Supply Closet

Two years ago, The Board of Deacons established a “School Supply Closet” in our building as a way to reach out and help our neighbors at Bryant Middle School. Some students can’t afford to buy their own school supplies and teachers often have to go purchase supplies throughout the year with their own money to keep up with the demand. This fall, we would like to restock the supply closet and are in need of donations. We will collect the school supplies listed below and let the teachers at Bryant know that we are here to help as needed. We are asking members and friends to purchase supplies, bring them to the church and place in the box in the foyer. We hope to keep the closet well stocked throughout the school year, so we will publish the list from time to time.

*** If you use Amazon to purchase school supplies, please use and mention Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn. Amazon donates to organizations collecting supplies for those in need.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

Items Needed

Dividers - 1 ½ to 2 inch binders - Wide and College ruled paper –

Wide and College lined composition notebooks

One, Two, and Three subject notebooks

Markers - Colored Pencils - Regular #2 pencils - Erasers - Pencil Sharpeners, Rulers

Zipper pouches for pens and pencils - Scissors and Calculators

For Little Children

Pencil Boxes – Pencils   - Crayons – Markers – Erasers - Glue Sticks – Scissors