Cherry Hill School Supply Closet

Once again this fall, The Board of Deacons is sponsoring a “School Supply Closet” for the students at Bryant Middle School.  We are asking members and friends to purchase supplies, bring them to the church and place them in the box in the foyer.

*** If you use Amazon to purchase school supplies, please use and mention Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn. Amazon donates to organizations collecting supplies for those in need.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

Items Needed

Dividers  –  1 ½ to 2 inch binders

Wide and College ruled paper

Wide and College lined composition notebooks

One, Two, and Three subject Notebooks

Markers  –  Colored Pencils

Regular #2 pencils  –  Erasers

Pencil Sharpeners  –  Rulers

Zipper pouches for pens and pencils  –  Scissors and Calculators

For Little Children

Pencil Boxes  –  Pencils  –  Crayons  –  Markers

Erasers  –  Glue Sticks  –  Scissors


The Dearborn Historical Museum has created Christmas ornaments featuring our church building. The Board of Deacons is selling the ornaments, which are available in either a gold or pewter color, at $10 each. Ornaments may be purchased on Sunday mornings or through the church office during the week. For more information, please call 313-563-4800. Proceeds from the sale benefits the outreach ministries of the Board of Deacons. 

Coming Soon / Coming Now!

Many exciting events are coming or coming back to Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church.  Please join us in the weeks ahead for fun, fellowship, education, and service.

All are welcome!

  • Sunday Bible Study at 11:45 am

    Our Sunday Bible Study is back.  We meet after Worship (11:30 am) in the old Choir Room downstairs.    Click here for more information

    The Gospel of John - led by John Whitfield


    A Summer Sermon Series on The Lord’s Prayer

    Many years ago, the famous fable writer, Aesop wrote, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” It is true, isn’t it? Don’t we sometimes take the familiar for granted? Consider, for example, The Lord’s Prayer is very familiar to us. For over 2,000 years, this prayer has guided billions of Christians from the earliest moments of life to embrace the fullness of faith. Across the globe at this hour in huts and hamlets; in cities and suburbs, in monasteries and mansions, in churches and AA meetings, people are praying the Lord’s Prayer. A billion Christians recite the Lord’s Prayer every day. There’s never an instant when it’s not being offered up somewhere in some language.  We’ve recited it thousands of times ourselves, but how many of us really know what we are praying for, asking for when we make these familiar words our prayer?

    On Sunday mornings this summer, we are going to slow down and study and savor the  petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. When we’re finished, I hope we’ll be even more familiar with it. But that familiarity, I hope, will not breed contempt, but rather a new appreciation and a new power in our praying the Lord’s Prayer. We will explore a variety of ways of praying the Lord’s Prayer – different texts, we may sing it some weeks, and engage in other forms of prayer.

    August 7         Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Forgive Our Debtors

                                        Psalm 103: 1-14, Matthew 6:9-15

    August 14       Lead Us Not into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil

                                        James 1:2-4, Matthew 4:1-11

    August 21       For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory!

                                        Matthew 6:9b-13


                All are invited to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:15.

A New & Exciting Study Opportunity!

Littlefield Action for Social Justice (LA4SJ)

Littlefield Action for Social Justice (LA4SJ) invites you to join our monthly discussions with Engage! Book Group and Engage! Movie Group.

Both groups read the selected book and watch the movie independently, then gather for informal discussion, reactions and takeaways. Come as you are, when you are able! No long-term commitment needed. Engage! Movie Group meets on the 3rd Monday of the month. Engage! Book Group meets bi-monthly on the 4th  Monday. Previous books include: The Underground Railroad, White Fragility, Homegoing, How to Be an Antiracist, Caste, Parable of the Sower, How the Word is Passed, Braiding Sweetgrass, The Night Watchman, and Just Mercy.  Previous movies include: Malcolm X, The Hate U Give, Blackkklansman, 7th Generation, Dolores, Harriet, 13th, Queen & Slim, American Outrage and 12 Years a Slave. For information, please contact Lorelei Muñiz or Anna Dewey at if interested.

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Thank you for your continued support!

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Please see the "Coming Soon / Coming Now" section above.

What can I do?

Helping Hand Food Pantry

We are helping people in our community

to fight hunger.


Helping Hand’s Mission Statement


Helping Hand is a program supported by the congregation of this church.  We supply food to people of our community on an emergency basis.  Other area churches and local organizations participate in this program by providing additional food and monetary donations that assist us in keeping the church pantry supplied.  These are our sole sources of assistance to aid those who come to us in need.


The Helping Hand Food Pantry is open on the first and third Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.* If it is your first time, please come before 11:30 a.m. To qualify to receive food from the pantry, a picture I.D. is required.  Only one person per household (per address) is eligible to apply for assistance for the family.  Eligible participants can receive food from the pantry once every other month**.


*may be closed due to bad weather, or a church event; it’s best to call ahead

**subject to change depending on food supply



Since 1989, the food pantry has served an increasing number of families every year and remains committed to addressing food insecurity in southeast Michigan where, as many as 1 in 7, households struggle to put food on the table.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have maintained our food distribution.

We developed a contact-less delivery system for the protection of our clients and our workers.


How can I donate food?


Generally, you can drop off non-perishable food items to the church Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., but please call ahead.



Can I make a monetary donation?


You may donate by using our secure online link:

Make A Donation

or by making a check payable to:

Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church

with “Helping Hand” on the memo line.

And Thank You!