Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education continues at Cherry Hill.

Please join us for our classes.

  • 9:00 am – BIBLE STUDY ON 1 THESSALONIANS  - Chapel Parlor

    Sundays, Beginning September 17

    Suppose that our congregation received a letter from God. Would it make any difference in our lives? What would we do with it? Would we frame it and put it on the Communion Table and invite others to come and venerate it? Would you duplicate it and send a copy to each member? Would you have it read aloud every Sunday by the minister?

    This fall, our Sunday Morning Bible Study group that meets at 9:00 we will be reading and discussing Paul's first letter to the church in Thessalonica. Evidently, that congregation regarded the letter as being something like one from God, for the letter was preserved and became part of the biblical canon. Scholars generally agree that it is the oldest document in the New Testament. The letter is from a pastor to his people; from the shepherd to his flock. There will be encouragements of various kinds, but there also will be things that the pastor wants done. Among the discussion topics, God in three persons, Salvation, the union with Christ, our responsibility to continue His work and others. Maged Radamis will lead our discussion. All are invited to be part of this study. 

  • 11:45 am – BIBLE STUDY ON THE GOSPEL OF MARK – Old Choir Room

    It’s not too late to join the Bible study on Mark’s Gospel, Sundays at 11:45 am, in the old choir room downstairs! Dr. Robert Guelich, writing in the Word Bible Commentary states that “one can hardly exaggerate the significance of Mark Gospel for the Christian Church. From a literary standpoint, the evangelist’s designation of his work as the ‘gospel of Jesus Messiah, Son of God’ not only set in motion the process by which the first four books of the New Testament came to be known as ‘gospels’, but he most likely was the first to pen the story of Jesus. In fact, Mark’s Gospel may well have spawned the writing of the other gospels.” Participants will receive their own copy of Mark’s text and regular handouts to enhance their study. You are cordially invited to join Dr. John Whitfield in this study of the first Gospel. 


    HALF TRUTHS: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves & Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say!

    Monday Afternoons at 1:00 pm – Beginning September 18 

    They are simple phrases. They sound Christian – like something you might find in the Bible. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways. Sometimes they hurt people and can lead people to conclusions about God that not only are untrue but that may push some people away from God.

    This fall, the Monday Afternoon Study Group will take on some of the most pernicious half truths of our time. The class will study Adam Hamilton’s book, Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves & Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say. In this book, Hamilton, a United Methodist minister, exposes well-worn cliches that lead us down unfaithful and dangerous paths. Most importantly, he points to what Scripture really says and how that truth can set us free. For more information or a copy of Hamilton’s book, please contact Rev. Mark Phillips. All are welcome to join us on Monday afternoons!  The class schedule for this fall is as follows:

                September 18            Everything Happens for a Reason

                September 25            God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

                October 2                   God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

                October 9                   God Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It!

                October 16                 Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

                October 23                 No Class

                October 30                 You Get What You Deserve

                November 6               Money is the Root of All Evil