Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education continues at Cherry Hill.

Please join us for our classes.

  • 9:00 am – The Letter to the Hebrews beginning April 16

    9:00 am – The Letter to the Hebrews beginning April 16

    After the Christian community had existed for a few decades, the enthusiasm that characterized its earlier years began to wane. The expected return of Jesus had not taken place, opposition to the movement had developed from different quarters, and doubts were beginning to arise concerning any permanent significance that Christianity might have over other religious sects and parties. To counteract these tendencies and to strengthen the faith of Christians who were associated with the new movement are the chief purposes of this letter.  

    The Letter to the Hebrews has been called, “The irrelevant, very relevant letter.” In the process of offering the advice to the Hebrews, the writer explains issues that are essential for Christians from every background and time. These issues are important to us today as it was at the time of the writing.  

    Maged Radamis will lead this class in Memorial Parlor at 9:00 am beginning Sunday, April16.  All are invited to attend!

  • 11:45 am – The Prophet Hosea beginning April 23

    11:45 am – The Prophet Hosea beginning April 23

    Did you know that without the message of the prophets who appeared in Israel and Judah it is unlikely that Judaism would have survived? And why would God call a man, Hosea, to marry a woman that God knew would be unfaithful to him? And why would Hosea go on to do that? Finally, what is the lingering, enduring importance for the prophetic message in our own time? Dr John Whitfield will explore these questions and more in an in-depth study of the book of Hosea beginning on Sunday April 23rd at 11:30 am, meeting in the old choir room in the basement, off the down staircase by the library. All study resources will be provided. Here’s hoping to see you on the 23rd.